The Importance of Giving Back

One of the main values of Quakerism, based on the "SPICES" acronym, is "Community." In this, Quakers are called to connect with other members of the community by planning activities that "bridge differences and create a close, working group." (

While not everyone may identify as a Quaker, the striving for a world where those of us who have more contribute to those who have less, is a world many of us can agree is a better world. To move towards that true sense of community, where differences are "bridged," we must engage our children early, so that community service is an inherent part of their worlds—so that the question is not about whether or not they will engage in service, but what form of service best fits their personalities and interests.

Kids For Their Community, a local non-profit created by Erin Lievens, was born out of the desire to create a world where community service is an inherent part of childhood, education, and improving our world. To learn more about Kids for Their Community, attend one of our monthly events, donate, or get involved, like our Facebook page and stay tuned!

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